Our Mission

     Flatties are those who decide to opt for a Flat Closure at any point during their Breast Cancer and/or Chronic Illness Journey. 

     Flat Out Love consists of safe spaces for people to gather who have a Flat Closure to gain a sense of Love, Hope & Community. 

     Society often pushes women and afab individuals to go immediately for breast reconstruction with implants, DIEP flap, or similar avenues, which most frequently use harmful devices and result in a more extended and more painful recovery period. Our mission is to normalize going Flat either through AFC (Aesthetic Flat Closure), Explanting, Single or Double Breast Amputation, etc.
 At Flat Out Love, we believe we are whole just as we are, regardless of size, shape, or health history.
Save the Person, not their Breasts.

     Our non-profit organization's mission is spreading awareness and normalizing  living FLAT! We advocate and create community support through online and in-person meetups and various awareness programs.

Flat out Love empowers individuals post-breast amputation by fostering mental health and body acceptance due to illnesses such as breast cancer and encourages the normalization of living life FLAT.





Our Meetups

     Our meetups consist of safe spaces for people to gather who have a Flat Closure to gain a sense of Love, Hope & Community. 

Over 100 Flatties met up at the Grand Mesa in Colorado; 
we had Flatties join us from all over the United States, Mexico & Canada too! 

Check out what our Flatties had to say about
Flat Out on Flat Top!


Flat Out on Flat Top 2022

Flat Out on Flat Top 2022

Flat Out on The Road 2023

We took Flat Out Love on the Road to bring together Flatties in their local communities! There are now local chats setup within our online community to help encourage more local meetups.
It is so important that every Flattie knows
they're not alone. 

Flat Out on The Road 2023

Flat Out on Rocky Top 2024

Our most recent meetup with close to 150 Flatties!
These meetups continue to forever change Survivor's and Previvor's lives.
Our goal is to continue to do these large meetups annually and to encourage more local meetups within the Flat Out Love Flattie community. 

Flat Out on Rocky Top 2024

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Flattie Resources

Flat Friendly Surgeon's Directory; NPOAS

Fierce, FLAT, Forward

Flat Closure Now

Kimberly Bowles is the brains behind Not Putting on a Shirt. It was started as a response to her own Flat Denial experience and has a comprehensive list of Surgeons that are vetted through personal patient experiences.

Fierce, FLAT, Forward is the largest Private FB Group with Flatties from all over! Christy does an amazing job at making you feel welcome right away and to let you know that you are not alone! 

Flat Closure Now has a comprehensive list of Resources & is a wonderful place to learn how to advocate for yourself and others along your FLAT journey! The entire founding team truly does an awesome job at pointing you in the right direction!

The Grace Project

"The Grace Project is an empowering photographic project by fine art photographer Charise Isis that captures the courage beauty and grace of those who have had mastectomy surgery as a result of breast cancer."
- Excerpt from the-grace-project.org

Many of our Flat Out Love members can attest to the fact that Charise is truly an amazing soul. She creates a warm and inviting photographic experience that truly makes you feel beautiful inside and out. 

The Grace Project is currently taking donations; they will be at our Flat Out on Rocky Top event in May as well as many other events throughout the year. Please consider donating as all services are provided to the Goddesses free of charge. 

The Boobie Queen Company

Founded by Whitney O'Connor
2x Breast Cancer Survivor and Licensed Professional Counselor

Ever wonder where all of those Boobie Crowns come from that a lot of our Members sport at multiple events? This is the Company and Whitney is the amazing Human behind it! 

For every Crown that is bought; one is gifted to someone going through active treatment. 

They will also be at our Flat Out on Rocky Top event; check out the links below for more information. 

*** This is not a full comprehensive list. We will be adding to our resources page and a more updated list can be found through our FB Group under the "featured" and "files" section ***